Saturday, February 12, 2011

The biggest problem with 911 inside op I have is that this pretext for indeed, 911 is a controlled demolition, therefore..

however shocking and incredible, the biggest issue of our time. very profound consequences. ...

many people i think will come to realize that 911 is an inside operation, but will think - it is not even possible to publicly talk about it and/or recognize it. ....

the deep trouble of wanting a pretext for wars ... hard to believe, really .......

America to me means freedom of speech, responsible, considerate one too.
This is what this country was built on, and became so the greatest world power.
So sad to see this tarnished. by barbaric aggressive military adventure.
more by staging false flag operation on American soil, with civilian casualties. i mean, what is next? nuclear "terrorist attack" .. really

....... google Dr Sabrosky, former director US War College, West Point.
He states 100 % that "US military knows Israel did 911, and they are angry about it".... just one of angles of the issue. a foreign connection. never proven, at least not publicly.

@911record ..... google 911 Prof Jones, Niels Harrit. be the judge

indeed, 911 is a controlled demolition, therefore... - Petr Buben - FriendFeed

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