Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Thank You, Glenn Beck! Arianna Huffington on 9/11 Truth controlled demolition movement and those "stupid" 9/11 theories she so despises.

my comment on the article:
Mrs Huffington,

I thank you and congratulate you to one of the most successful, most interesting and most read, progressive news blog website on the web - The HuffingtonPost.

However, it is time that yourself, and others, face the truth. The facts, the irrefutable scientific evidence, the common sense judgement.

This truth is - 9/11 is a controlled demolition. Per conclusive evidence. Inside job. Nanothermite was found in the dust of WTC. Molten steel on the ground.

It is not possible that pulverization of 3 towers, with a speed of close to a free fall, was caused by 2 airplanes hitting them.

It is nice that you think, or believe, that Bush admin wouldn't let these attacks to happen, or wouldn't actually carry them out. ... But, oh well, somebody did.

That is why we need a new, independent investigation.

Who set the nanothermite? What hit Pentagon? How was WTC-7 pulled down in a controlled demolition? Where was air defense?

I know it is extremely hard, psychologically, to come to terms with these ground shaking truths, but, we all need to do this.

Or, eternal wars will go on, another false flag attack might be orchestrated again, and crime will go unpunished.

I am sad to learn that you "ban putting forth theories" regarding 9/11controlled demolition on HuffingtonPost, these "stupid" theories that you "despise" so much.

This is called censorship.

Thank you,

Petr Buben

http://911UnitedWeInvestigate.blogspot.com - http://AE911Truth.org - http://911­Blogger.co­m - http://911Truth.org - http://stj911.org
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from the article:
.."I despise 9/11 "truther" conspiracies. Indeed, one of the guidelines for bloggers on HuffPost is a ban on posts putting forth those kinds of theories. And it was stupid of Van to put his name on a very stupid "9/11 Truth Statement." I've spoken to Van. He doesn't believe that the Bush administration orchestrated the 9/11 attacks or allowed the attacks to happen in a cold-hearted attempt to gin up support. The 9/11 "Truthers" are fringe-dwellers and Van was completely wrong to allow himself to be associated with them." ..

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