Sunday, August 23, 2009

Comment: "9/11 Truthers Lament Bob Novak: First to Call Terrorist Attacks “an Inside Job”, Claimed Israel Behind Attacks". 9/11 controlled demolition

Good morning Debbie, 
thanks for calling me a "nutjob fan", inserting your remark directly into my comment. :]  

However, let me clear my position on Robert Novak, who sadly perished lately of brain cancer, which led me to consider, how much of an influence years of intensive cellphone usage might have on brain cancer development, and lets mention Senator Kennedy and the same condition.  

Back to the issue. I do want to clarify that 9/11 Truth movement might be partly wrong on assessing what Bob Novak meant by "inside job".  

He meant "Arab terrorists" must have had, knowingly, some "inside connection", if they managed to hijack 4 airliners, none of which were intercepted, as it was on a day when all but 1 North American Air Defense fighter jets were "out of the area", participating in an exercise "to train for the event of airplanes being flown into buildings", to quote.  

He meant "Arab terrorists" must have had - knowingly - a well placed accomplice, to be able to pull this off. 

As nanotermite high military explosive was found all over the place, and as TV footage and pictures suggest without doubt, that 9/11 is a controlled demolition attack event, pulverization implosion of 2 towers, both falling somehow exactly same way, with a speed close to free fall, 10 floors per second disappeared in front of our eyes.  

That is totally impossible to explain other than as explosive driven controlled demolition. 
Per irrefutable scientific evidence, and per common sense of impartial observers - those you call nutjobs, as they defy your ideology, and would, and will, redefine your political allegiance to whatever your Republican government tells you is true, nomatter if it defied the laws of nature, physics and common sense. 

Brainwashed complacency and dedication to war nationalistic pride is a tough nut to crack. :]. 

It happened yes exactly to Germans, mass admiring Hitler, after he too burned down Reichstag, German parliament, to be able to accuse his enemies, to institute more police regime state, to go to war.  

So, Bob Novak did NOT mean that "Arab terrorist" will have had, UNknowingly, "an inside connection", an entity who knew, who not only let it happen, but who made it happen - a false flag Reichstag fire inside job pretext of war self inflicted wound type of operation, to rally the nation to war.  

They made it happen good. 

Have you noticed? :]  

Thank you, 
Petr Buben -


this my comment was never published.
9/11 Truthers Lament Bob Novak: First to Call Terrorist Attacks “an Inside Job”, Claimed Israel Behind Attacks

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